Sunday, November 15, 2015

Roti Road restaurant review

Malaysian restaurants have been popping up like mushrooms in Melbourne in the recent years. Roti Road which opened last year is one of them. It's my favorite Malaysian restaurant at the moment as they have a wide variety of Malaysian food ranging from hawker dishes, main dishes as well as roti and dim sum. It's fair to say that most of the food I tasted here are pretty good. 

Located on Barkly Street in Footscray, Roti Road is quite a big restaurant. Given the name of the restaurant, I supposed they got to serve good roti? Indeed, there's a roti chef showing off his roti flipping skill at the front window of the kitchen most of the time. 

I've returned to this restaurant multiple times now. However, not all the dishes were captured in photos. The following are the food that I managed to take photos during my visits to Roti Road.

Chicken satay at Roti Road
The chicken satay has topped my list as the best Malaysian satay in Melbourne. The perfectly cooked satay meat was tender and juicy while the peanut sauce was great. 

Roti telur at Roti Road
The Roti Telur which was accompanied by curry, dahl and sambal was good. It's much better than The Mamak's in Melbourne CBD. Somehow, I'm just not a fan of The Mamak's.

Prawn noodles or Har Mee at Roti Road
The prawn noodles or Har Mee was quite authentic. The soup was full of flavour and the portion was enormous. 

Hokkien noodles at Roti Road
The Hokkien noodles was average but decent. It was the thin noodles instead of the usual thick noodles which you can find in KL. Besides that, there weren't pork lard which most people would love to see in Hokkien noodles, except for me. 

Fried Kuay Teow at Roti Road
Similar to the Hokkien noodles, the fried Kuay Teow was so-so but it wasn't bad. Well, I actually like Paparich QV's fried Kuay Teow the most. 

Chicken curry noodles at Roti Road
The chicken curry noodles was pretty good. The portion was huge and it was loaded with heaps of ingredients such as chicken slices, eggplant, fish cakes and tofu. It's brilliant to use mint leaves as a garnish as it enhanced the flavour of the curry. 

Mixed vegetables with tofu at Roti Road
We had tried some main dishes to go with rice on a few occasions. The mixed vegetables with tofu was not bad. It was tasty. 

BBQ grilled fish at Roti Road
BBQ grilled fish at Roti Road
If you're into spicy fish, you must try the BBQ grilled fish. It was similar to those "Portugese grilled fish" you get from Malaysia. One of the best I would say. 

Overall, Roti Road is one of the best Malaysian restaurants I've found in Melbourne. Since they have a wide selection of food, there'll sure be something that's of your tastebuds. 

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